1.  When will Euro Truck Simulator be released?

Version 1.0 of the game is already completed. Currently, the game is being localized into several European languages. Euro Truck Simulator has already been shipped to stores in Germany on August 6th. Release date in Poland is August 20. The street date in the UK is August 29. Other territories should follow shortly.

2.  Have you licensed real truck and car brands for the game?

We have tried real hard - we piled up arguments, we promised things, we begged, we painted rosy pictures. We tried alone, we tried with the help of our publishing partners in the big European countries. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to listen to us. When we ever managed to get a response, it was that the truck manufacturer is not interested in having their brand involved with computer games. Unfortunately, there will be no real truck brands in the game.

3.  Why is the game not bigger? There should be more trucks, more countries, more cities, more roads!

It has been our intention to pack as much content and detail into the game as possible. Euro Truck Simulator was developed on a tight budget (it was fully self-financed by SCS Software), so we could only afford a small team working on the game for a limited amount of time. We are proud of what we have achieved under these conditions - we think the game is the most polished game we have ever released. But if you want the game to improve and keep growing - actually you can help us! Buy a legal copy of the game when it is released in your country, or online. Suggest the game to your friends. Give it as a present to somebody you think would have fun playing it. Start a blog or fan website covering and promoting the game. All this will help us recoup the development costs of the game and provide us with funds to further extend and expand the game.

4.  Will there be a demo to download?

Yes, just like with most recent games developed by SCS Software, the online edition of the game will be available at the end of August, 2008.

The online trial version - which can be converted into a full game by credit card purchase - will contain these languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese. If you want to be informed of the launch of the online version, please send us an e-mail at demo@eurotrucksimulator.com.

Update: a pirated copy of the game is already being circulated on the Internet - for some reason, the pirates call this stolen copy a "demo." Stay away from pirated software, you are putting your computer at risk from virus or spyware infection. By buying a legal copy of the game, you are putting your money into further development and extensions of this game. Official and clean demo of Euro Truck Simulator will be available from this site at the end of August.

5.  Where can I buy the game?

The game will be released fully localized in Germany (rondomedia), Russia, CIS and Baltics (Akella), UK (Excalibur Publishing), France (Anuman), Poland (TopWare), Scandinavia (Wendros), Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania (seven m). The game is also being translated into Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch, but we are yet to sign definitive distribution deals for those countries, or are still looking for distribution. We would also like to release the game in Greece and Turkey where we know we have lots of fans, but we have failed to make any business connections in these countries unfortunately so far.

Answers to your many more frequently asked questions will be available soon.